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Moving Tivoli Common Reporting Content Store Database

We had to move the Tivoli Common Reporting Content store database. Both database DB2 servers are the same OS and same DB2 version otherwise this method is not working!

To move the database from the old server to the new one we did the following steps:

  • Backup old database ( backup database cognos )
  • Copy backup file to new server ( scp … )
  • Restore database on new server ( restore database cognos to /app/db2db )
  • create tcradmin user on new server and assign required db2 rights.

I spent about an hour googling where these database settings are stored with no success so finally I decided to find the configuration file myself. The database connection parameters are stored in cogstartup.xml file in the cognos configuration directory. We have changed the following parameter:

<crn:parameter name=”server”>
<crn:value xsi:type=”cfg:hostPort”>x.x.x.54:50001</crn:value>


<crn:parameter name=”server”>
<crn:value xsi:type=”cfg:hostPort”>x.x.x.53:50001</crn:value>

After restarting Jazz the cognos is now connected to the new database server.