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Refurbishing of

We are currently refurbishing the page. We are changing the profile from a community website to more tourism based one adding loads of information however keeping part of the information of the previous page. We also migrated the site from joomla into wordpress giving it a fresh look and better navigation.

How to change a wordpress site’s URL

I recently had to copy over to this blog from I read many articles and it was really confusing. Since the database was already on the same server and the username/ password hasn’t changed once I copied all the files the site was running but there were no styles whatsoever so it looked a bit dodgy. Also the wp-admin link wasn’t working. This is due to the fact that wordpress stores the site’s URL in its database ( not like joomla or prestashop which have this defined in a configuration file ).

I could change the URL by simply changing the following in the wordpress database using PhpMyAdmin:
I opened the wp_options table and changed the siteurl and home fields to from

The website was working again right after this, no hassles, not other configurations…